Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paralyzed Parent.....

I remember being a little girl and having sleep overs and getting dropped off at the roller skating rink on a Friday night. Many great memories are from these nights.... Nights my son may never have.

This thought came to me about 10 minutes before Corbin walked in the Christmas parade Tuesday night. One of his best friends in his class is also in cub scouts, so I had the opportunity to meet his mother. Of course I said how much Corbin talks about this other boy and we laughed because her boy does the same with Corbin. Then I suggested that maybe one night they can have a sleep over, either at our house because Corb has a bunk bed or maybe theres... We both agreed this would be great and to exchange numbers. Well the parade started shortly after and we just didn't get around to getting each others numbers.

It wasn't until the car ride home and talking with my mother that the panic set in. "I can't let him stay the night," I said. "who knows if she has a husband/boy friend, or older child, that may be mean, hurt, or touch my baby." My mother quickly agreed and proceeded to recall the days top stories on the news.

A terribly grief came over me of memories my child may never have. But I can't risk the opportunity for predator to find my child. There will not be Friday nights dropped off at a skating rink and then on to a friends house for my child. We are paralyzed with fear....because everywhere there are monsters that prey on innocent children. And the sad thing....the other mother probably thought the same thing....

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