Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is it too late to have a resolution??

Ok, I know today is March 22 and I should have made a New Year's Resolution months ago.  But here it is...Finish! Finish whatever it is I start...and not half A*# it either.  So to hold myself accountable I'm going to put some of my goals for the year on here. 

-Plan and EXECUTE Corbin's 7th Birthday Party.  I have the list and ideas...just need to make it happen and not 2 days before. 
-Start eating healthier and working out.
-Make my house our HOME - i.e. curtains, table settings, wall art, ect.
-Activities with Corbin
-Learn to cook many dishes!
-Learn to use my sewing machine
-Complete atleast 10 pinterest projects (about 1 a month)
-Keep blogging about my life!


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