Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If I had 3 wishes...the first would be....

One would be to have a beautiful singing voice.  I've just gotten addicted to Glee...and all I can say is, "Why can't my life be a musical...atleast some days...oh yea I can't sing."  What a bummer to know that even if it was sociable acceptable to just bust out in some random awesome song...I couldn't do it...because I sound like Lucille Ball when I sing.  But I love it.  There's nothing better than driving by myself and hearing Simon Cowell tell me that he's never heard a Cher song sang better.  (I like to pretend I'm on American Idol on these solo car trips...) I mean if I was a mermaid- no prince would fall in love with me because I sing like an angel (an actual angel...not Will Farrell angel).  I wish I had a voice that could make even the hardest heart shed a tear.  I think my son must have inherited my tone-deafness (not sure that is a word...but it makes sense), because he actually likes me to sing him a lullaby at night (To Make You Feel My Love).  I've been singing it to him since he was a baby...so really he doesn't know any better.  I've sang karaoke...and both times I felt like Cameron Diaz singing, "I just don't know what to do with myself"- truly awful.  So, if you are one of those few gifted people - I hope you appreciate your talent.  I know I'm not without gifts...and I'm grateful-truly.  But to sing without dogs whining would be amazing.

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