Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm not overwhelmed...I'm in DEMAND...

It seems after the wedding and honeymoon, that I CANNOT get caught up...with anything!  Work, housework, projects, even friends.  I've always felt a bit ADD...but lately...seriously can't stay focused.  So what have I decided to do??  Why create another project for myself of course!!  With the help of my newest favorite thing (PINTEREST!!) I've printed organizing templates to make a household binder.  Oh its going to be so wonderful and pretty with tabs for cooking, cleaning, shopping lists, and the big TO DO! So while I keep my mantra going in my head (I'm not overwhelmed..I'm in demand...), I'll try not only to finish this project (and hopefully many more), but that I keep up with it and be known hence forth as Super Angela.

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