Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If I was rich, I'd be poor....

I don't really think of myself as a greedy person; I'm grateful for my life (son, husband, friends, family, job, house, cable...), but I find myself daydreaming about carefree spending.  You know the kind.."would be so nice to have that chair in my closet" or "those boots would complete my life" or "I'd love to take a trip there"...which makes me think, if I was rich, I would definitely be poor. 

And I wouldn't want to be rich alone.  What good is it to do all the shopping and traveling without your friends.  Thats why, also in my daydreams, if I win the lottery, all of my friends will have their dream jobs.  Of course I'd have a salon for hair, make-up, massage, nails, tanning, maybe even a boutique attached (my friends have great style!).  I'd hire a friend to design my dream house (she wants to be an architect and has a great eye for detail-so then she'd also be interior decorator).  I would open a daycare so those special friends, who are so good with kids, could really make a difference. I'd want to open my own party planning/wedding business   I'd also open a book/scrapbook/DIY store!  This one myself and another friend would run and have so much fun ordering our inventory and setting up classes.  We all would be happy, no worries about calling in because of a sick child and not getting paid.  Or having to deal with an unfair/demanding boss.  They would be their own boss doing what they love.  Who could ask for more?  (give me a few more daydreams--I'm sure I can) is that greed or just wishful thinking??

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